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Plone is an enterprise-level open source CMS used throughout the world, and particularly extensively in the life sciences, education, and nonprofit sectors.

Six Feet Up is generally recognized as the largest and leading Plone development company in North America:

  • Plone sites developed by Six Feet Up are widely considered best-in-practice
  • Six Feet Up has deployed hundreds of Plone websites and intranets, including highly visible web assets for Fortune 100 companies and international organizations
  • Six Feet Up has developed some of Plone's most popular components and add-on products (Lineage, Resonate, Get Paid, EasySlideshow, SolrIndex, WebUnity etc.)
  • Six Feet Up hosts and participates in global Plone events
  • Six Feet Up team members regularly speak at international Plone conferences
  • Six Feet Up has deep relationships with the core Plone development teams
  • Six Feet Up has been on the Plone Foundation board since 2009

Core Plone Expertise

Our team is staffed with professionals who have all experience in Plone, from project managers to web architects, web developers, template developers, quality assurance experts, release managers and systems administrators. Because we do it all, we are uniquely positioned to propose solutions that take all aspects of the whole system in consideration.

Diazo Theming

Diazo is quickly becoming the standard tool for Plone theming. It allows you to take some static html pages, and import Plone elements into those pages, which dramatically reduces the learning curve.

We offer many ways for your organization to take advantage of Diazo:

1. Learn about Diazo Theming from our blog

We've created several posts on how to use Diazo. You can see the most recent in the column to the right. There are also other Plone How-To articles and other Plone resources on the Plone page.

2. Download our free "Getting Started with Diazo Theming" Quick Reference card:

Diazo Theming Quick Reference

3. Schedule a Diazo training

We provide multiple courses on Diazo and basic Plone theming. This is a great way to teach your team how to build their own themes using the best practices. Our most popular course is Plone Theming with Diazo (2-Day). We can also customize a training specific to your needs.

4. Hire us to create a Plone theme for your site

As part of a larger project, or on its own, our experts will provide you with a clean Diazo-based theme for your site. This is the fastest way to get your Plone site themed. 

Reliable Plone Hosting

In addition to development services, Six Feet Up has its own hosting infrastructure and can offer a range of Plone hosting options ranging from small virtual private servers to enterprise-class cloud hosting plans. Whenever you have a question about Plone, you can be assured someone in our team has the answer.

Unparalleled Guidance for your Plone Development Project

Our vast experience in developing and hosting complex Plone-based solutions affords us the ability to share our expert knowledge, lessons learned, and industry best practices with our clients. Our team will equip you with the necessary information and recommendations to ensure long-term scalability and peak performance of your Plone sites. And you can rest assured you'll get unparalleled continuing assistance for your Plone project beyond launch thanks to an array of Plone support options.

Nimble Web Development

Thanks to our long term involvement in the open source community, we enjoy very strong connections to Plone specialists and experts. We can draw from that global pool of talent to meet the development needs of any web project, no matter how large or complex.


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