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Plone is a secure, open source content management system (CMS) used throughout the world. It is particularly suited for the government, education, and nonprofit sectors and for organizations needing intranet solutions.

Six Feet Up is recognized as the largest and the leading Plone development company in North America:

  • Six Feet Up has deployed hundreds of Plone websites and intranets, including high profile ones for Fortune 100 companies and international organizations
  • Six Feet Up has developed many popular components and add-ons for Plone such as Lineage, Get Paid, EasySlideshow, and SolrIndex
  • Six Feet Up's team has organized and participates in Plone sprints, symposia and conferences
  • Six Feet Up team members regularly speak and provide training at Plone and Python conferences around the world
  • Six Feet Up is an active contributor to the Plone community, including its communications, security, installers and conference organizing teams
  • Six Feet Up team members have been on the Plone Foundation board since 2009, and have been Foundation president twice

Core Plone Expertise

Our team is staffed with professionals who have wide ranging experience in all aspects of Plone, from project managers to web architects, web developers, theme implementors, quality assurance experts, release managers and systems administrators. Because we have been developing Plone sites covering the gamut of needs since even before Plone 1.0, we are uniquely positioned to create and deliver forward-looking Plone solutions that don’t just satisfy your requirements: they are built to perform and flex to meet your future needs.

New for Plone

  • Python 3 compatibility: Since the 2019 release of Plone 5.2, which includes compatibility with Python 3, Six Feet Up has been deploying new Plone sites running on Python 3 and has upgraded existing Plone sites to Python 3. Find out how we can get your Plone site working on Python 3.
  • Volto, the modern JavaScript front end for Plone: Ready to use today with your Plone 5.x sites, Volto is the new front end for Plone, built using the popular and powerful React JavaScript framework. By linking this new browser- and mobile device-rendered front end with Plone’s scalable and robust content management back end, your users will experience lightning fast response times while you rest easy knowing that your content is secured and edited in a controllable way. Learn more about the possibilities of Volto and how Six Feet Up’s experienced analyst and development teams can modernize your website and apps using Volto.
  • Plone 6, the convergence of Plone classic and Volto: Plone 6 will be released in 2021, its most prominent feature being Volto as the default front end, but Plone “classic,” the server-rendered user interface of Plone since its beginnings, continues to be available. Internally, Plone classic will include updates to underlying components, such as the Barceloneta responsive theme and the resource registry to make it easier to integrate styles and JavaScript resources. Find out how Plone 6 can satisfy your organization’s requirements.


Does your organization struggle to make information easy to find, organize, and contribute? Do your teams need a private workspace to collaborate? Is searchability of your organization’s knowledge bases an issue? Do your clients require access to login-only resources? Plone’s built in security model allows for fine grained permissions and role management, whether using standalone account provisioning or connecting to your enterprise’s authentication services. Plone’s out of the box “placeful” workflow further ensures that only and exactly the authorized groups, roles and users you specify have the ability to view, edit, or publish content. Find out how Six Feet Up can design a custom intranet/extranet to fit your needs.

Headless Content Management

Do you need a way to create, organize, and control access to information published via multiple channels and systems? Are version history and change control critical to your organization but you don’t want to have to build it yourself? Plone’s reputation for securing and controlling access for content creation may be the answer: combine its ability to integrate easily with other systems using the built-in REST API and the ease with which it can be customized and you have a reliable central content store that other distribution systems and mobile apps can draw from. Reduce cost, time to market and risk: don’t recreate content management functionality in your systems and apps when you could just integrate Plone’s time tested features.

Modern Front Ends

Volto, the new front end for Plone, built using the popular React JavaScript framework, has been so effective at providing end users and editors with lightning quick response times, an updated look, and access to a rich set of 3rd party and open source React components that it is the new default front end for Plone, beginning with Plone 6. Developing themes and enhancing the functionality of Volto is much easier now: front end developers can be immediately productive since they need to understand only React and the standard tooling around JavaScript, and none of Plone’s many back end technologies. Other modern JavaScript front ends for Plone are available, such as the Angular toolkit for Plone, Vue.js, and Gatsby.

Workflow Automation

Modern day operations require gathering data in a variety of forms and processing data through a sequence of actions, such as an approval workflow. Plone’s built-in workflow engine is the most comprehensive and robust implementation of this type of logic. Plone’s ability to present editable forms, gather data from end users authorized according to its rich security model, and transition the data atomically through a testable, consistent set of codified business logic has allowed business units to automate operations, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce costs. Find out how Six Feet Up’s team can help you leverage Plone workflow.

AWS — Amazon Web Services

For reliability and scalability, Six Feet Up deploys systems and services to the cloud, typically in AWS. As an Amazon Select Partner, our team includes specialists in the deployment and management of complex systems, using automation to allow them to respond to peak loads while also keeping costs manageable. Whether your Plone site has a small number of editors or many hundreds, we will create a plan that serves your current needs but can also satisfy your future requirements, including features such as hot failover and excellent performance even for a user base distributed around the globe.

Unparalleled Guidance for your Plone Development Project

Having 20+ years of experience in developing and hosting complex Plone-based solutions, we are eager to share our expertise, lessons learned, and best practices with our clients. Our team will equip you with the necessary information, training and recommendations to ensure long-term scalability and peak performance of your Plone sites and systems. And you can rest assured you'll get unparalleled continuing assistance for your Plone project beyond launch thanks to an array of Plone support options.

Nimble Web Development

Thanks to our long term involvement in the open source community, we enjoy very strong connections to Plone specialists and experts. We can draw from that global talent pool to meet the development needs of any project, no matter how large or complex.


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