1. Our Questions

  • How long does it take to find and download a distribution?
  • How easy is it to configure your computer to run the distribution?
  • How simple is the installation/deployment process?
  • Is there easy-to-find and easy-to-follow documentation to guide inexperienced users?

2. Find and Installation Process for Each Platform

Doug Vann

Doug Vann


  1. Make sure you have MAMP, WAMP, or Acquia dev desktop pre-installed

  2. From drupal.org, you are 3 clicks away to download the 12MB tarball.

  3. Extract into your webroot

  4. Make a database in your technology of choice (MySQL, PostgreSQL)

  5. Head to the site in your browser to run the install script via the web installer


Calvin Hendryx-ParkerCalvin Hendryx-Parker


  1. From Plone.org, you will need 3 clicks to get the 57MB tarball

  2. Run the `install.sh` script that will download and build the dependancies

  3. Start the instance

  4. Point your browser to the running instance



3. Custom Distributions

Doug VannDoug Vann


In addition to the plain-old Drupal (Core only) download, Drupal has distributions that are opinionated about your usages of the product.  Each profile will bring in various contribution modules into it and bring in default content and settings for you to use. Drupal shops, freelancers, and even end-users create custom distributions that they use to launch new sites more quickly and consistently.

Custom Distribution Examples:

  • Commerce Kickstart (ecommerce)

  • Drupal Commons (social network)

  • Open Atrium (intranet in a box)

  • Open Public (gov sites)

As of Fall 2016, there are over 1,000 Drupal distributions, and about 42 that work on Drupal 8.





Calvin Hendryx-ParkerCalvin Hendryx-Parker


Plone really only has one core product and there aren’t many custom distributions that are opinionated about your usages of Plone. Here are a few exceptions, though:

  • CastleCMS provides a unique combination of world-class content management features and maximum security.

  • The Cyn.in portal utilizes Plone and the foundation for their social intranet project. 

  • The Quaive project also starts with Plone 5 as the base for a knowledge sharing platform. 

4. Installation Guides

Doug VannDoug Vann


Drupal 7 has an installation guide, but the version 8 one doesn’t exist yet. Online conversations on this indicate that the D7 instructions are quite close to D8 and are expected to be used for both until unique D8 instructions are provided. This is probably true.

Calvin Hendryx-ParkerCalvin Hendryx-Parker


While Plone includes a Quickstart page, a beginner would be missing the step-by-step guide to install the unified installer. Actually, the user is presented with a menu of options, and little guidance as to how to get started.

The download page links to an installation guide, but it assumes Linux as the target environment. However, it does include step-by-step instructions.

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