1. Our Questions

  • Is the user interface intuitive? How long to get used to it?
  • What features come with the out-of-the-box distribution? What is badly missing?
  • How "fast" does the site respond with no content?

2. Out-of-the-Box Feature List

Doug Vann

Doug Vann


  • By loud and deafening demand, the Drupal community has made much improvement to the UI with Drupal 8. Drupal can never be as simplified as WordPress but it was agreed there was no need to feel like a Spaceshuttle Cockpit either. Drupal 8’s UI is therefore considerably more “friendly” than previous versions.
  • Some Drupal-specific tech jargon has been removed from the UI in preference to more semantic wording (the Drupal community practically spoke Kilngon in previous versions!).
  • Drupal 8 finally features a WYSIWYG (CKEditor)
  • Icons in the admin menu were a big win in testing! WHO KNEW!?!?!
  • A package installer allows you to install additional themes or modules from the backend of Drupal IF the server has line of site to the web AND if the file-sys is writable by Drupal. This is more for n00bs than for those of us who use proper DevOps. :-)



Calvin Hendryx-Parker

Calvin Hendryx-Parker


The Plone 5 UI has been greatly modernized to keep up with newer frameworks:
  • The editing tools have been moved to a left column toolbar to stay out of the way of the content editing experience.
  • The edit forms are using more modern Javascript widgets thanks to plone.app.widgets that drastically improve the usability of the categorization and the related item fields.
  • The WYSIWYG editor is now TinyMCE 4, which offers an enhanced menu and comes with many bug fixes: among others, copying and pasting is now much better supported.
  • Plone 5’s new folder contents view now supports drag and drop for multiple files.



4. Included Content Types

Doug Vann

Doug Vann


Drupal uses Entities, a subset of which are called Content Types.

  • User (Entity)

  • File (Entity)

  • Comment (Entity)

  • Article (Content Type)

  • Page (Content Type)

  • Book (not enabled by default, Content Type)

  • Forum (not enabled by default, Content Type)

  • Blog and Poll were removed from core in d8 and relegated to contrib space

Calvin Hendryx-Parker

Calvin Hendryx-Parker


  • Page

  • Image

  • News Item

  • Event

  • File

  • Folder

  • Collection

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