Solr product for Plone

Developed by Six Feet Up, SolrIndex is a product for Plone/Zope that provides enhanced searching capabilities by leveraging Solr, the popular open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project.

Out of the box, SolrIndex brings in more relevant search results by replacing Plone's default full-text indexing with Solr-based search features, and including the ability to assign weights to certain fields.

Leveraging Solr's advanced search algorithms, SolrIndex comes with exciting features, such as the ability to use stopwords and synonyms. Stopwords allow to control which words the search mechanism should ignore, and synonyms make it possible to extend a query by including additional matches.

SolrIndex also comes with blazing fast and highly scalable search capabilities. SolrIndex is extensible by design, which means it has the ability to integrate with other indexes and catalogs. This is good news for sites that need to provide search capabilities across multiple repositories.

With additional customization, SolrIndex also has the ability to provide faceted search, highlighting of query terms, spelling suggestions and "more like this" suggestions.

Thanks to SolrIndex, Plone and Zope-powered sites now benefit from truly enterprise search capabilities.

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