React logoAt Six Feet Up, we are using React in our development process for highly interactive applications. 

React is an open-source Javascript library created by Facebook. It's used for building user interfaces that behave like native apps. Its core purpose is to write web components that can be used in different contexts.

A benefit of React is that it does not try to do everything in one library, and tends to be more efficient than something like the AngularJS framework. The simplicity of React allows it to be easier to learn and quicker to implement into projects. 

React also uses a virtual Document Object Model, so instead of sending completely new HTML to the browser, React sends the HTML only for the changed element. This approach dramatically speeds up the data flow. 

The growing popularity of React leads the way for more click-throughs and conversions on your site. By utilizing React, you can gain a competitive advantage through an enhanced UI experience.

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