We offer one or a combination of several support plans:

Proactive Maintenance

The Proactive Maintenance plan ensures your site/app/system is always running on the latest software version and is protected against security vulnerabilities.

It includes:

  • Monthly OS updates on all environments
  • OS vulnerability announcement monitoring
  • Emergency server patching when a patch is made available
  • Application minor upgrades (e.g. 4.3.0 to 4.3.1)

Continuous Innovation™

The Continuous Innovation retainer is for organizations who are planning on getting assistance on a regular basis. It is defined as follows:

  • We guarantee “x” number of hours to be available to you each month.
  • Lead time may be anytime from 1 day to 1 week as we fit the work in our schedule as we go
  • Up to one month's worth of hours may roll into the following month.
  • Work is to be scheduled during normal business hours
  • You can borrow hours from subsequent months.
  • Minimum: 20h/month

Fast Pass Plans

Plans with a guaranteed response time offer peace of mind as you are assured that we will be available to assist you with a very short notice:

  • Emergency Pass comes with a 2 business hour guaranteed response time
  • Critical Pass comes with a 4 business hour guaranteed response time

Fast Pass plans come with the following terms:

  • Fast Pass plans consist of “use-it-or-lose-it” hours
  • Emergency Pass includes option to contact us after hours

No Contract Support

Flexible and convenient, the No Contract Support option doesn’t require any commitment but is subject to availability. It is defined as follows:

  • ‘Wildfire Support’ is for work that requires attention in fewer than 8 business hours
  • ‘Routine Support’ is for anything that can be handled in more than 8 business hours

The No Contract Support option comes with the following terms:

  • Response time is not guaranteed.
  • Support is billed in 1 hour increments.
  • Payment in full is required prior to the start of the work.

Training & Mentoring

We can offer a wide variety of training and mentoring options. Contact us for more details.

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