Everybody hates waterfall project management. We do too. Yet the alternative isn't necessarily a pure Agile methodology, unless you have all the money or time in the world, which our clients usually don't have.

What we have found to work best is to go through an initial Strategic Planning phase that aims to bring everyone on the same page. This usually consists of a Vision Builder™ workshop followed by the development of a Game Plan.

Vision Builder™ Workshop

Technology is merely a mean to an end, which is why it makes sense to start by reviewing where we want to go (and why) first, and work backwards from there. The Vision Builder™ workshop is designed to get all stakeholders on the same page, united in a common vision and ready to row in the same direction.

In a short 90 minute session, we explore dangers and opportunities, key outcomes, success criteria, capacity gaps, critical timeline and budget for the project. We also evaluate how we might collaborate together to make your vision a reality and establish a common language and process for doing so.

Through a Vision Builder™ workshop, we will start by exploring factors likely to impact the project results, such as:

  • Project overview
  • Project success definition
  • Obstacles and opportunities
  • Users needs/wants
  • Prioritized goals

Game Plan Development

Once the goals have been clearly identified, we can work on exploring the requirements and prioritizing the features.

User Experience Design

If your project has a UI component, we are happy to work with your design team. Or we highly recommend working with GravityDrive, an experienced group that uses a human-centered design process to focus on making products useful, usable, and appealing. We want people to have better experiences as they navigate through an increasingly complex world. GravityDrive applies scientific principles to learn about the people, the processes, the products, and the environment. This allows us to optimize record keeping, complex processes, and the interactions between you, your users, and your services. 

Functional Requirements documentation

In order to understand and identify the specifications, we may develop a user journey map, develop dynamic functional wireframes, put together system diagrams and come up with design comps. The goal is to develop a clear vision for the system that is needed and put together a list of functional requirements.

Complexity ScoreCard™

A key deliverable of the Strategic Planning phase is a Complexity ScoreCard™ spreadsheet. It presents a high-level recap of the desired functionalities as well as detailed time and budget estimates that enable the project stakeholders to plan work strategically.

Project Plan

The final deliverable of the Strategic Planning phase is a Gantt Chart of the project with the main phases, estimated efforts, task assignments and milestones.

All of those elements are key to the success of the project as they are essentially the blueprints for the implementation and deployment phase.

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