San Francisco-based Adriyl was looking for a web-based communication platform to replace the cumbersome Microsoft Excel-based project tracking spreadsheet they were using to coordinate operations between their various design centers. They were also looking for a new website that would integrate with the new system and provide their customers with personalized data concerning their project.

Implementation Details

Six Feet Up proposed and developed a custom application from the ground up using XUL. XUL allows for the development of rich cross-platform custom content interfaces to Plone-powered sites using standard-based technologies such as RDF, XML-RPC, WebDAV and XML HTTP Requests.

The new web-based database allows Adriyl's various design centers to easily manage their design projects, track progress on remodeling work performed by their vendors, track costs and projected revenues, as well as schedule customers walk-throughs.

The vendor management piece was developed by leveraging and customizing Plone's workflow tools. By moving orders through various steps that follow their business logic, Adriyl can track progress from the time a customer order form is filled out, to the automated generation of the corresponding work orders (the system automatically faxes authorized work orders to vendors), until the resulting job is complete.

The system is integrated with Adriyl's new website and provides logged-in customers with up-to-date information on their construction project.

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