Six Feet Up helped the College Preparatory School (CPS) with the deployment of their new calendar-driven Zope/Plone website, providing guidance on the selection of appropriate open source technologies, and implementing key functionalities. 

Implementation Details

The new website features a custom look and feel based on which section is displayed. Banner images, link colors, button styles and other visual elements get automatically updated thanks to the implementation of dynamic CSS rules.

A Photo Randomizer tool provides a rich experience throughout the site by randomizing pictures shown in the right side bar.

Taking customization to the next level, Six Feet Up developed an enhanced Calendar tool that restricts the events shown in the Calendar portlet depending on where you are in the site. To browse upcoming school events visitors can also use a calendar's month-view, and click a date to get to the calendar's day-view thanks to the integration of the Event type with the Plone CalendarX product. Upcoming events feature description text and images.

As events expire, College Preparatory School staff members can easily update the information to look like a press item accompanied by a photo-album. To achieve this, Six Feet Up created a custom Event type featuring a dynamic view based on what the type contains.

As far as user management is concerned, Six Feet Up used CMFMember (an Archetype-based Member creation and management system) to create a custom Member type for teachers and administrators. This allows the School to gather extra information such as the teacher's department, phone number, education background, web page etc., and use it to dynamically create a master contact list based on the member's status.

Last, Six Feet Up upgraded, tested and deployed the main Plone templates to ensure a smoother Plone 2.0.5 to 2.1 migration. Especially, the portal navigation settings were modified to start showing navigation items at a sub-level, and limited the types showing up in the navigation portlet.

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