Areas of Expertise

  • Business Process Automation
  • App Development


  • Education

Technology Used


Ivy Tech is the nation's largest singly accredited statewide community college system. It is located in Indiana. 

Six Feet Up helped Ivy Tech Community College automate their nursing application process via a Django-based online platform. Ivy Tech had begun this process, and relied on Six Feet Up to continue the progress they had made. The application process had to be ready for applicants to begin the process for the new school year.

Implementation Details

The Six Feet Up team helped architect some aspects of the new system and developed diagrams to clarify various application workflows. These ensured both parties were on the same page, and helped identify potential issues and discrepancies early on.

Amazon Web Services came to play during this project, specifically with document uploads. To handle virus scanning in uploaded documents, Six Feet Up used AWS Lambda. Also, support for multiple document uploads was handled by using the remote storage in Amazon's S3.



Ivy Tech and Six Feet Up were eager to work together, and the Ivy Tech development team worked on-site with Six Feet Up to complete the project and learn more about Django in general. This also allowed more collaboration throughout the project, and strengthened Ivy Tech's general development process.

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