Areas of Expertise

  • CMS & Intranets


  • Healthcare

Technology Used


UVA was looking to develop an interactive site to pull important information dependent on the user.  Developing the site in Plone 3.x enabled audience-driven content.

Implementation Details

Designing the site's initial popup, the user selects which role bests fits their duties; whether its Provider (MD, DDS, etc), Clinical Support (RN, LPN, etc.), Clerical Support (Registration, Secretarial, etc), Allied (Labs, Pharmacy, etc) or Superuser.  By making this selection, the user sets the cookie value for their preferred section and the site provides user-relevant information.

Each section of the Resource Center updates its content to be user specific.  If you are a Provider, the Tools, Training, Team Members and Support sections update to focus on your needs.

Epic Communicator's template provides dynamic content, offering features such as "View More" sections that provide more or less content depending on the user's need.


PloneCommenting enables users to interact with each other and provide feedback on EpicCare's developing design.  This allows for dialogue on new system updates and even gave users a way to make suggestions for system improvements before UVA's go-live date.

If you would like to learn more about how Plone can offer dynamic content which is tailored to your users, contact Six Feet Up.

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