Areas of Expertise

  • Cloud Orchestration
  • Performance Optimization
  • Software Configuration Management


  • Education

Technology Used


Central New Mexico Community College had a Plone implementation they were maintaining but needed help upgrading. They were looking for a collaborative relationship with a Plone development team that would provide ongoing training, mentoring and support. Six Feet Up offered the ability to pair program with its developers to debug code, as well as ask questions of the mentors to establish solid core development processes.

Implementation Details

Upgrade to Plone 5

We created a fresh buildout, theb JSONified the export and used Transmogrifier for the content import. We used redirection tools to manage the community college aliases. We customized the emergency alert system to the community college's specifications. Close to a thousand PloneFormGen forms were migrated to the new Plone 5 site.

Content Types

We created new custom types to manage program pages that present the school's program information. We made an HTML snippet content type that can only be created by administrators as it allows the use of Javascript to insert calendaring and program information into a page.

Mega Menu

The links in the mega menu are manually managed via the Plone link content type. Each main dropdown section has a separately manageable ad area where the college can insert images and buttons.


We provided mentoring services to help their team build a responsive Plone 5 theme. We built custom TinyMCE styles to match their corporate branding. Custom templates were developed to provide a consistent look and feel across the site.


The Community College uses a sophisticated publication process built on workflows and permissions between contributors and administrators. We helped set up granular permission rules based on roles and content types.


After designing the system's architecture, Six Feet Up helped the Community College development team deploy SaltStack to manage their configuration management and handle their release and task orchestration.


The Community College's system now benefits from a high availability setup with redundant databases. The internal development team is using best practices for their deployments and is looking forward to developing and launching additional Plone sites.

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