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Scala is a digital signage company that provides software and advertising management. Scala wanted to add dynamic features to their existing Plone site to better showcase their own unique signage software products.

Scala chose to participate in Six Feet Up's Mentoring Program and tapped Six Feet Up to help implement additional features including a way to simplify partner applications, as well as translate and manage content in 8 languages.


Implementation Details

Scala wanted companies to fill out an online application to become a partner. The partner application is integrated with Plone4Artists Video and handles video links that are submitted by partners.

Once a partner submits a video, the site editor can review and approve the video and it will appear in the Solutions Gallery.

The Solutions Gallery is a collection of different types of media that any user can browse by using six categories of filters. These filters are translated using LinguaPlone.

The Solutions Gallery also features content from Scala: any items on the site that are tagged with the keywords "press release" or "video" appear in the Solutions Gallery so that Scala can feature their content along side partner submitted content.

Scala's website is translated into eight different languages in order to support their global client base. The keywords on the partner form were translated using LinguaPlone. Translations show up automatically when a different language is selected on the site or in the browser.

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