California-based St. Paul's Episcopal School required a simple and fast web-based content management system allowing their administration staff and teachers to feed parents and students with up-to-date information. 

Implementation Details

During the first phase of the project, Six Feet Up deployed a Plone-based website with a complete new look and feel that portrays the School's emphasis on diversity and spirituality. The colorful interface relates to its audience (parents and students) on multiple levels through strong design, colors and pictures. Six Feet Up created a section-specific style treatment by adding an attribute to each section in the ZMI that specifies the section color. Page templates were then modified to display the color.

The second release of the project covered the development of a password-protected communication platform. Parents can now log in and get access to parent meeting minutes, school private announcements, and school event details. Parents can also report their hours of volunteer service online, allowing school administrators to keep track of volunteering efforts, coordinate resources, and better manage fund-raising events.

Finally, students can review upcoming class assignments, read teachers notes, and see class-specific announcements. In addition, each grade has an area dedicated to their photo albums.

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