Steel Grip wanted to increase sales on their site by making it easier for customers to browse and order products. Six Feet Up utilized Ruby on Rails to manage their products and associated information.

Implementation Details

Steel Grip, Inc. chose Six Feet Up to redesign their existing site to make it more approachable by web visitors. The new site is targeted towards immediate sales and allows visitors to browse through products by clothing type, protection type or material type. The existing Steel Grip product database was migrated into the new Ruby on Rails site and Six Feet Up created simple forms to edit product information such as description, image, weight, price, categories, associated documents, etc.

The site also supports product variants, which allows Steel Grip to easily manage a variety of sizes and options for each garment. Six Feet Up implemented a dynamic way of calculating the price for product variants as many uncommonly large items come with a price increase expressed in percentage. Six Feet Up implemented a dynamic "Related Products" selector on the product editing form that searches for specific products to allow site administrators to create targeted recommendations of items based on the item a shopper is currently reviewing.

Steel Grip now has the ability to perform bulk updating of prices and items and to make the product catalog update task more manageable. Shipping costs are dynamically calculated based on product weight thanks to some UPS integration work performed by Six Feet Up.

Finally, Six Feet Up utilized several Google tools to further enhance the site. By leveraging the Google Maps API to display sales representative’s areas and contact information dynamically, visitors can either click a state to see the related sales representative highlighted or hover over a name to see which area they cover. The new Steel Grip site uses Google Analytics to get accurate and immediate details on the site traffic.

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