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Six Feet Up is the premier industry leader in Plone hosting and the official host for, the website of the Plone content management system. When the people who know Plone best look for hosting, they come to Six Feet Up. Website Hosted by Six Feet Up

Why Choose Six Feet Up over EC2 or Rackspace

1. We offer end-to-end managed services. EC2 has no support, and Rackspace only offers support at the OS Level.

2. We are Plone experts. We can better diagnose Plone-related issues than other technicians who don't know about Plone.

3. We offer both hosting and application support so we can help, no matter what is at fault. No more hot potato game between developers and sysadmins.

4. Our services are very reliable. We have servers that have had 100% uptime for years. Amazon makes no guarantee as to the availability/ down time/ safety of EC2.

5. Our private cloud hosting plans are very competitive, and usually more cost-effective.

6. Security. We guarantee we will not disclose your data, unlike Amazon.

Security and Availability

Our infrastructure includes multiple highly secure data centers and a disaster recovery data center. Each location has connectivity through multiple providers, redundant power and cooling, as well as multi-factor security protecting physical access. We offer state-of-the-art monitoring and system administration on call 24/7.

A Variety of Hosting Plans for Plone

Our hosting plans and options can meet your needs, whether you need to host a simple website or highly-available, mission-critical web applications.

Testimonials from Plone Hosting Clients

When our previous ISP went out of business with little notice, we immediately began looking for a reliable ISP. We were determined not to get burned again. When we queried people in the Plone community for a recommendation, one name came up several times: Six Feet Up. From our very first contact with Six Feet Up the interaction has been smooth and professional. Transferring our website to Six Feet Up was a snap, and we were up and running quickly. Technical support is fast and effective. In summary, we are highly satisfied with our decision to migrate our Plone hosting to Six Feet Up.

--John Sambrook, Common Sense


I look forward to working with your company more in the future. Your company's service has been the best I have seen from a hosting company! All your staff is expert, friendly, and quick!
--Paul Williams, Principal Consultant, Diamond Data Systems, Inc.

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