Enterprise Search EngineSolr is an enterprise search server that allows for many powerful query types: phrase queries, wildcard queries, proximity queries, range queries and more. It also includes an advanced DisMax query parser for high relevancy results from user-entered queries. Any field indexed by the Solr enterprise search server can be sorted upon.

Solr, the open source enterprise-grade search engine, so that the search results could be specifically tailored to the client's needs. Plone comes with search out-of-the-box, but does not easily allow for custom indexing rules, spell-checking or synonyms. Solr gave Six Feet Up the control we needed to make sure the search results were relevant. In order to integrate Solr with Plone, a new product called SolrIndex was created by Six Feet Up. This gives developers an easy way to replace out the standard search index with a Solr-backed one. SolrIndex has been a very popular add-on and Six Feet Up has been invited to present it at numerous speaking engagements.

In addition, Solr supports:

  • Optimized for High Volume Web Traffic
  • Standards Based Open Interfaces - XML,JSON and HTTP
  • Comprehensive HTML Administration Interfaces
  • Server statistics exposed over JMX for monitoring
  • Scalability - Efficient Replication to other Solr Search Servers
  • Flexible and Adaptable with XML configuration
  • Extensible Plugin Architecture
  • Faceted Search and Filtering
  • Geospatial Search
  • Advanced, Configurable Text Analysis
  • Highly Configurable and User Extensible Caching
  • Performance Optimizations
  • External Configuration via XML
  • An Administration Interface
  • Monitorable Logging
  • Fast Incremental Updates and Index Replication
  • Highly Scalable Distributed search with sharded index across multiple hosts
  • JSON, XML, CSV/delimited-text, and binary update formats
  • Easy ways to pull in data from databases and XML files from local disk and HTTP sources
  • Rich Document Parsing and Indexing (PDF, Word, HTML, etc) using Apache Tika
  • Apache UIMA integration for configurable metadata extraction
  • Multiple search indices

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